Even though we are famous for our classic and specialty pizzas, Pizza King is more than just that. We deliver delicious subs, breads, wings, salads, Mexican favorites, and  Pizza King pizza, of course. 


Pizzas. We have a variety of pizza sizes and topping to ensure that you can craft a personal masterpiece. Our sizes range from 6" to 16" pizza crusts, with over 20 fresh toppings to choose from. Choose from our curated specialty pizzas or build your own masterpiece. When crafting one of our pizzas, you can become your own Pizza King.

Subs. Everyone loves a tasty sub, especially ones from Pizza King. With 12 different subs to choose from, you will never suffer from sub boredom again. We accommodate the carnivorous and herbivores with subs loaded with an array of meats and veggies. 

Salads. If pizza is king, our salads are the queen. Choose from four savory salads to compliment your favorite Pizza King pizza.

Breads. Our garlic toast and warm bread sticks are the perfect side to any of our entrees. For our true bread lovers, you can order eight bread sticks with Parmesan cheese spread and our pizza sauce.

Mexican. At Pizza King, we appreciate a good Mexican pizza. We took it a step further and decided to bring you your Mexican favorites. Choose from classic Mexican entrees like burritos and tacos, or be adventurous and try our Super Chips.

Wings. Our barbecue wings and hot wings are enough to stand alone, especially since you get ten with any order.

Drinks. We serve Pepsi products to pair with all of our entrees.